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Charles Darwin

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life"

Charles Darwin was a reluctant revolutionary. Though he had completed his theory of evolution by 1838, he put off publishing for decades because of its controversial conclusions.

The theory developed from Darwinís observations while serving as a naturalist on a five-year map- making expedition sailing around South America and across the Pacific. Upon his return to England, Darwin continued work on his theory, concluding animals that are better adapted for survival would live longer, reproduce more, and pass those traits to their young. Over the course of millennia, these changes would result in new species, a process he termed ìnatural selection.î

Knowing his theory would revolutionize the accepted ìcreationistî view of the day, Darwin worked secretly for two decades. In the end, he published only because he feared preemption by another naturalist with a similar hypothesis.

On the Origin of Species was a watershed for Western science and a popular hit, selling out itís first printing. Every bit as revolutionary as he suspected, Darwinís work forms a cornerstone of contemporary biology and the basis for modern evolutionary theory.

Charles Darwin