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Only $200 (save 50%) with minimum fillup.

Our new Power Tower displays our entire product line in a compact and attractive spinner display that stands approx. 5.5 ft. high (7 ft. with umbrella display and requires under 4 sq. ft. of floor space. When your customers see all our products together, they don't know which one they want they buy lots.

Easy to assemble. Maple wood base & top. Metal rack sides with inner trays for mugs. Umbrella display top included (choice of 4 umbrellas).

Our Power Tower is provided at half price of only $200 (normally $400 delivered) with a minimum fill-er-up order (approximately $1200 wholesale) and agreement to keep fully stocked for 2 years.

Call now to order your Power Tower.


»Umbrella Displays
Show an open umbrella with polished maple base, ready to mount atop shelves or tables. Choose Women Writers, Shakespeare, Austen or Women Artists umbrella for your display.


PVC Mug Boxes: - Pop-up boxes made of durable 14 guage PVC to securely display/package our fine china mugs.
Bookmark Displays
Watch our bookmarks fly off the counter with our Countertop Spinner Displays. Displays are free with minimum first orders as indicated or can be purchased at a nominal cost for smaller orders.BR>

8-pin Counter Spinner
13.5" high, 10" diameter
FREE with 96 bookmark order.

16 Pin Counter Spinner
30"' high, 10" diameter
FREE with 192 bookmark order

Note Card Displays
Heat Brothers offers four different store displays for Literary Luminariesú note cards - one for every need. Displays are free with the first order of 12 cards per pocket or more, or for smaller orders they can be purchased at a nominal cost. Each display comes with a free, full-color display backer card that promotes and positions the line to maximize retail movement
Counter Spinner Display
(12 pockets, 9"W x 23" H)
Wall Rack
(6 pockets, 6"W x 48" H)
Small Floor Spinner Display
(24 pockets, 12"W x 72" H)
Large Floor Spinner Display
(36 pockets, 14"W x 72" H)

*Free with purchase of 12 note cards per pocket. Each display comes with full-color backer card.

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